Welcome to CryoCare!

Welcome to the Web Page of the CryoCare Foundation. CryoCare is a not-for-profit Delaware corporation founded in 1993 for the purpose of providing cryonics service to our members.

Cryonics (not cryogenics) is an experimental procedure in which dying patients are preserved at ultra-low temperature for possible treatment in the distant future. Human cryopreservation is not reversible today. The practice of cryonics is thus based on the speculative possibility that advanced future technologies, such as nanotechnology, may be able to revive today's cryonics patients in a future era of rejuvenation and unlimited lifespans.

An overwhelming weight of medical evidence suggests that human life can survive even complete metabolic arrest if basic brain structure remains intact. Until June 25, 1999 our contract service providers, such as BioPreservation, therefore employ the latest advances from the fields of cerebral resuscitation and cryobiology to ensure that the brain structure of CryoCare members is preserved with the greatest fidelity possible. At CryoCare we are committed to ensuring that the brain structure of our members, living or cryopreserved, remains intact for centuries. Our ultimate goal, which we believe can be achieved with near-term technology, is completely reversible cryopreservation of the human brain.

We highly recommend reading Cryonics and You for a more detailed introduction to the science and practice of cryonics. We also hope you enjoy browsing these Web pages, and getting to know the people and companies that work with us. Finally, we hope that you and your family will consider joining us on our exciting journey into the future.