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CryoCare Report #10

Online Edition
Converted to HTML, March 1997


Note: there may be some small differences between this text and the text that appears in our actual newsletter, because of edits that were subsequently made. The text is substantially the same. If in doubt, please refer to the hardcopy version of CryoCare Report as the definitive one.


Contacting CryoCare

For membership fees, newsletter subscriptions,
and other financial matters:

Kevin Brown
Treasurer, CryoCare
19-353 Dell Place
Stanhope, NJ 07874
Phone: 201-347-1695

For change of address, general information and new signups:

Carlotta Pengelley
Membership Administrator, CryoCare
P. O. Box 177
Newbury Park, CA 91319-0177
Phone (daytime): 805-376-0355
Voicemail: 805-523-3894

For newsletter content and public relations:

Charles Platt
Vice President, CryoCare
9 Patchin Place
New York, NY 10011
Phone: 212-243-4444

For revisions or updates to your cryonics documents
(e.g. new insurance arrangements, new health information):

Ben Best
Vice President & Secretary, CryoCare
Box 788 Station "A"
Toronto, Ontario M5W 1G3, Canada
Phone weekdays 416-862-3193
Phone weekends 416-534-0967

For back issues & news:


Call 1-800-TOP-CARE (1-800-867-2273)
212-243-3677 from outside the U.S. and Canada

or make direct contact by dialling:

Charles Platt
Phone: 212-243-4444
Pager: 800-908-0470

Brian Wowk
Phone: 204-254-6192 or 204-984-6618
Pager: 204-933-0324

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Members of CryoCare receive the newsletter at no charge.

If you are a non-member and wish to continue receiving CryoCare Report, write a check made payable to CryoCare Foundation for just $9. The next four issues will be sent to you via first class mail.

Provided your name and address are on the check, you don't need to enclose anything with it. Just make the check payable to "CryoCare Foundation", write "Subscription" on the memo line, and send it to Kevin Brown, Ph.D., Treasurer of CryoCare, at 19-353 Dell Place, Stanhope, NJ 07874. We'll do the rest.

Overseas subscriptions: by air mail only, $15 per year. Payment must be made in US funds: cash, a check drawn on a US bank, or an International Money Order.

Back issues: $3 each ($4 overseas).

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CryoCare Report is published four times a year by CryoCare Foundation, a non-profit corporation whose main office is located at Suite 3410 NorthEast Hercules Plaza, 1313 North Market Street, Wilmington, Delaware 19801-1151.

President: Brian Wowk
Directors:Micheal O'Neal, Bruce Waugh, Brian Wowk.
Vice President: Ben Best.
Treasurer: Kevin Brown.
Secretary: Ben Best.

End of CryoCare Report #10, Online Edition

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