Ben Best

Ben Best CryoCare Secretary is a Senior Programmer/Analyst for a Canadian bank. He lives in Toronto, Canada. He has served as Treasurer of Toronto MENSA and as President of the Toronto ACM APL (mathematical computer-language) Special Interest Group.

Ben is also a Director of the Cryonics Society of Canada besides his duties as a CryoCare Officer. The Cryonics Society of Canada is primarily an educational organization which does not offer cryopreservation services, so Ben is able to serve in the two organizations without a conflict of interest (or a violation of CryoCare Bylaws).

Ben is an essayist who has written on a wide variety of subjects (including "Why Life Extension?", available in the CryoCare website library). He is collecting his essays on his own website, so those interested should visit Ben's home page to see a sample of his writings.

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